H&E and IHC staining

Source: PDX

Catalog #: TMA-HP-HK-035

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Tumor Microarray Profile

Catalog # TMA-HP-HK-035
Model Type PDX
Host Species Mouse
# Models On TMA 32
# Cores/Model 3
# Cores On TMA 96
Core Size 1 mm diameter
Fixation Method Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded
Applications H&E and IHC staining
Storage Conditions 4°C Stable for 12 months from date of purchase when stored as recommended
Slide Preparation Slides are sealed with wax; heat slide at 60° for 1 hour before de-waxing
QC Each TMA slide has >90% core occupancy. H&E and Ki67 IHC staining have been performed on a representative slide of each lot of TMA product.

Tumor Microarray Map

Please follow standard IHC staining procedure.

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